Respiratory Therapy at Mount Carmel

When you or an aging loved one in eastern Missouri needs rehabilitation that includes Respiratory Therapists, Mount Carmel can be the solution. We are the only skilled nursing and rehabilitation center in St. Charles to have on site contracted respiratory, allowing patients to have daily respiratory therapy treatments.

Our therapy team develops an individual respiratory care plan based on a personalized assessment of each patient and sensitive to the unique needs of seniors.

“The whole Mt. Carmel environment and staff provided a level of trust and comfort in knowing Dad is well cared for. We know he’s in good hands and that removes the worry from our lives.”
-Ed’s Daughter, Maryann

St. Charles: 636-946-4140 – 723 1st Capitol Dr., St Charles, MO 63301

The benefits that level of care offers older adults include:

  • Lowered rate of readmission back to the hospital, especially for pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Improved outcomes that allow patients to return home at the highest practicable level of health and independence.
  • Reduced pulmonary mortality rates.

Mount Carmel is the only skilled nursing and rehabilitation center in eastern Missouri to provide respiratory therapy services to patients living with COPD. We help senior adults manage their disease and prevent them from developing secondary respiratory problems such as pneumonia while they are working on recovering.

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Do you know how to plan for
rehab-to-home discharge?

The best time to start planning for discharge is just after your family member is admitted. While it may seem too soon to think about going home, planning gives you more time to prepare. Read our interactive resource and learn what questions you should be asking to effectively plan for your family member’s discharge from rehab.


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St. Charles: 636-946-4140 – 723 1st Capitol Dr., St Charles, MO 63301