Outpatient Rehabilitation in St. Charles

When you want to reclaim your life and independence after medical hardship, trust your recovery to Mount Carmel Senior Living’s outpatient rehabilitation team!

The therapy options you take advantage of as an inpatient at our rehabilitation center are also available to you on an outpatient basis. Our hands-on therapists will develop a personalized program focused on restoring your strength after an injury, illness, surgery, or other hospital stay.

In conjunction with a home exercise regimen, each custom program is uniquely designed to help you regain motor skills, compensate for any impairments, prevent future problems, and improve your overall quality of life.

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Outpatient Therapy Programs

To receive outpatient therapy from Mount Carmel Senior Living, you’ll need to start with a referral from a doctor stating your diagnosis, the necessity of therapy, and the suggested treatment plan. Once this need is identified and insurance is approved, you may start services with our award-winning team!

During individual therapy sessions, you will learn techniques to manage the activities in your daily routine, all while restoring function, mobility, and strength to your body.

Our therapists are highly skilled with a gentle touch and offer a range of services, including:

  • Physical Therapy – Get back on your feet through physical therapy. Our physicians are there for you every step of the way. Depending on the area of need, your personalized program may include strength exercises, core work, range of motion training, pain management methods, and many other techniques.
  • Occupational Therapy – Maximize your independence when performing daily activities. Based on your your needs and goals, your treatment plan may include balance training, exercises to increase sensation and function, guidance in self-care activities, and recommendations for adaptive equipment.
  • Speech Therapy – Improve speech functions that may have suffered after a medical challenge through speech therapy. Depending upon your needs, your personalized treatment plan includes the latest technology and techniques to help improve communication, swallowing, and more.

Contact us today to see if you qualify for therapy with Mount Carmel Senior Living and get started on your road to recovery!

The Balance Master Program

Included in our breadth of innovative therapy programs, Mount Carmel also offers the unique Balance Master Program. Originally developed by NASA to help evaluate the equilibrium of space shuttle crews, it is used by our therapists to treat problems related to walking, standing, dizziness, or other chronic mobility disorders.

Our therapists will perform a complete balance assessment and come up with a treatment plan that offers relief from balance issues as well as protection against falls that potentially lead to life-limiting complications.

Mount Carmel Senior Living is proud to be one of the only rehab centers in all of Missouri to offer this sophisticated program. Visit our Balance Therapy Program page to Learn more!

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At Mount Carmel Senior Living, we are here to support you in all of the stages of rehabilitation and recovery. With a range of services to benefit seniors of any age, our main goal is always to help you achieve the most healthy and independent life possible.

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We are Medicare and Medicaid certified and accept most major insurances.

“I suffered sciatic nerve damage, which caused paralysis from the knees down. The therapy was great and the staff was very nice. I was able to return home, go to the gym, drive and improve my mobility. Mount Carmel has every service available and is the best around.”
-Erv Ermeling, Former Skilled Patient

Do you know how to plan for
rehab-to-home discharge?

The best time to start planning for discharge is just after your family member is admitted. While it may seem too soon to think about going home, planning gives you more time to prepare. Read our interactive resource and learn what questions you should be asking to effectively plan for your family member’s discharge from rehab.


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