Preparing Your Home After Rehab Discharge

Though it might seem too quick to plan for discharge so soon after admitting your loved one to our rehabilitation center, it’s also never too early to at least begin thinking about and start preparing to bring your loved one home.

There is quite a lot of preparing that goes into the transition from rehab to home and certain things that you can do to ensure it goes smoothly for both you and your loved one. One example is that before you even come to pick up your loved one from Mount Carmel, you should prepare your home to ensure that it is safe and comfortable. Ask your rehab team if there is anything you need to do.

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Advice on Moving Home

Your rehab team might tell you to do a few things to prepare your loved one to go home, like:

  • Make enough space for a hospital bed and other large equipment
  • Create a place for you to sit near your loved one
  • Establish a secure place for medication to be stored
  • Clear any items that might cause falls, such as electrical cords and area rugs
  • Keep a notebook, file cabinet, or drawer to store important information and papers

You will most likely need equipment to properly care for your loved one as they recover and return to their daily routine with the inclusion of their new supplies. This includes common assistive devices like canes, walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, grab bars, special cushions, and other devices. Other equipment like hospital beds, commodes, and oxygen supplies may be needed, but you may also need assistance in acquiring this equipment. Ask your rehab team where to get these items. Also, if you need help, ask someone to show you and your loved one how to operate these devices.

Some medical supplies that are needed might be disposable gloves, diapers, and skin care items. You will also need to find out what the facility provides and what you are responsible for getting. A few questions to ask your discharge team include:

  • Can I get any of these items from the rehab program or do I need to buy them?
  • If I have to buy them, where can I find them?
  • Will the patient’s insurance pay for them?
  • The patient already owns a piece of the required equipment. Can it be used again?

Post-Discharge Rehab Healthcare Tasks

It is a very big responsibility caring for an older loved one. If you have thought thoroughly about it and are prepared to take that task on, there are certain things that you need to prepare for in the day-to-day care of your loved one. It’s imperative that you are proficient in performing these tasks and can do them correctly before they come home.

At Mount Carmel, we are happy to be your partner in providing the best service for your loved one’s rehab needs. You can watch our physical and occupational therapy staff perform these tasks with your family member so that you can take them home feeling confident that they are in your good hands.

If you ever feel overwhelmed, your rehab team is here to help. Be sure to ask who to call if you ever have a question at home.

Finally, please speak up if you are wary of doing certain tasks. Whether it’s if you are physically unable to lift and give your loved one a bath or if you feel sick with wound care, your rehab team has to know so they can help plan for any extra help that is needed.

Remember to ask the rehab team if there are any special foods that your loved one should be eating, like very soft food or liquids. Get any of these special foods before the patient comes home when you have more time and it is easier to shop. Also, ask if there are any foods that they should avoid, like dairy or meat.

Ask About Medications

You might need to be responsible for “medication management,” which is getting your loved one to take the right type and amount of medication at the right time of day. In order to do this job well, there may be a few things you want to know.

Questions to Ask Your Rehabilitation Facility About Medication

  • What new medication will my loved one be required to take?
  • If there’s new medication, how long will they need to take it?
  • Should the medication be taken with meals?
  • Should the medication be taken at a certain time of day?
  • Does the medication have any side effects that I should be aware of?
  • Is the new medication listed in Medication Management Forms?
  • Do I get the medication from the facility or my local pharmacy?
  • Will my loved one’s insurance pay for the medication?
  • If their insurance does not cover it, are there cheaper medications that work just as well?
  • What should I do with any old medications left at their home? If getting rid of them, is there a safer way to do it?

We can help answer these questions! Contact us today to help ease the transition from rehab to home!

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